Sumita Arora Python Book PDF ( Class 11 and Class 12)

Computer Science With Python Textbook & Practical Book by Sumita Arora PDF is one of the popular books in Computer Science for Class 11th and 12th. We are providing Sumita Arora Python Class 11 PDF and Sumita Arora Python Class 12 PDF for downloading. You can download Sumita Arora Python Book PDF for Class XI and Class XII from the links provided below. For other Sumita Arora Books PDF or CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Book Sumita Arora PDF use Search Box on Our Website.

sumita arora python book pdf

Computer Science With Python Textbook & Practical Book by Sumita Arora PDF

Name of Book: Computer Science With Python Textbook & Practical Book

Name of Author: Sumita Arora

About Sumita Arora Python Book PDF

This book is designed to give you an insight of the art and science of Computers. The book does not need any special background to comprehend the subject matter. The book covers the entire course contents of Computer Science for Class XI and XII prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) in a clear and simple English language. It discusses Computer Fundamentals and Software Concepts in very comprehensive manner to build a strong foundation. The Programming methodology and Introduction to Python language are described in easy-to-understand language. Different topics such as Strings, Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples are explained in very easy to understand language. Programming with Python language is explained with maximum number of examples. Special Features of the book are: Ample number of diagrams are used to illustrate the subject matter for easy understanding. Solved Exercises are added at the end of each chapter so that the readers can evaluate their progress by comparing their answers with the answers given in the book. Summary and Glossary related to particular chapter are given at the end of each chapter. A Lab Exercise is added at the end of each chapter.

In student community, it is still a common practice to start learning programming languages with relatively harder options, such as C, C++, or Java. These languages present additional complexity that the student needs to master, which in turn slows the pace of the course. Students may be better served by learning Python as their first programming language because it has simple syntax, and has an extensive standard library to accomplish numerous tasks. This book encompasses systematically compiled elementary topics on Python programming to curtail painful searching time. This book will prove helpful to students of class XI and XII, affiliated to “Central Board of Secondary Education (India)”.

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  2. i am searching the pdf for last few moments and i realised that not a single one is good enough to show pdf of this book… shame on you guys….

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