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Microeconomic Theory by ML Jhingan is one of the popular books in Microeconomics for Engineering Students and Other Courses.We are Providing ML Jhingan Microeconomics PDF Download for free.You can download Microeconomics by ML Jhingan PDF from the link provided below.

ML Jhingan Microeconomics PDF Download

Microeconomic Theory by ML Jhingan Free Download

Name of the Book: Microeconomic Theory by ML Jhingan

About Microeconomic Theory by ML Jhingan

Micro Economic Theory 7th Edition, authored by M. L. Jhingan, is a comprehensive book for students doing their B.A. in Economics.Microeconomics (from Greek prefix mikro- meaning “small”) is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources and the interactions among these individuals and firms.M. L. Jhingan has authored many other books on economics such as Principles of Economics, Money Banking International Trade And Public Finance, and The Economics of Development and Planning.

Microeconomics Theory by author M. L. Jhingan is an essential textbook that discusses various concepts of Macroeconomics in a thorough and easily understandable manner.

This is an introductory textbook on microeconomics designed primarily for B.A., B.Com Pass and Hons. courses in Indian universities. It deals with the neo-classical price theory in a simple, coherent, and critical manner. The book is divided into six parts. Part one discusses the tools and methods of economic analysis, the nature and central problems of an economy, and the price system. Part two analyses the theory of consumer behaviour both in terms of the utility analysis and the indifference curve approach, along with the concept of elasticity of demand. Part three explains the production theory in detail. Part four studies product pricing by introducing 111e student to the revenue, cost and supply curves, and then discusses the pricing process under perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, duopoly, oligopoly, monopsony, and bilateral monopoly. There is a separate chapter on linear programming. Part five discusses the theories of factor pricing and the determination of rent, wages, interest, and profit. Part six analyses some basic concepts of taxation.


  • Basic Concepts
  • Consumption Theory
  • Production Theory
  • Product Pricing
  • Factor Pricing
  • Taxation

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ML Jhingan Microeconomics PDF Download

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