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Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight is one of the popular books in mathematics students. This book is also important for the students preparing for IIT JEE, NEET and other competitive examination. Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight PDF Contain Definitions, Theorems, Formulas, and Solved Examples, Unsolved Examples, Miscellaneous Examples. We are providing Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight PDF for free download. You can download it from the links presented at the bottom of this article.

Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight PDF

Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight PDF Free Download

About the Book

Hall & Knight for Higher Algebra for Beginners- Classic Texts Series Classic Text Series is a compilation of great and amazing works done by inspiring Teachers, Authors, Writers and Visionaries around the worlds in the field of Science and Mathematics. Higher Algebra for Schools, by Hall & Knight, is one of the finest book trusted by lecturers and students involved in the preparations of Elementary Algebra.

In this edition of the book, you will note that the text is largely supplemented by manuscript notes and various segments and chapters have been included, restructured, enlarged, and revised. Authored by, esteemed HS Hall and SR Knight, the book consists of Definitions, Theorems, Formulas, and Solved Examples, Unsolved Examples, Miscellaneous Examples from easy to challenging levels of difficulty. Answers to these 35 unsolved exercises are given at the end of the book to train students with a deep understanding and dynamic approach to Mathematical Exercises.

The ‘Classic Texts Series’ is the only of its kind selection of classic pieces of work that started off as a bestseller and continues to be the bestseller even today. These classic texts have been designed so as to work as elementary textbooks which play a crucial role in building the concepts from scratch as in-depth knowledge of concepts is necessary for students preparing for various entrance exams.

The present book on Higher Algebra presents all the elements of Higher Algebra in a single book meant to work as a textbook for the students beginning their preparation of the varied aspects covered under Higher Algebra. Both the theoretical text as well as examples have been treated minutely which will help in better understanding of the concepts covered in the book.


The present book has been divided into 35 chapters.

  • Ratio
  • Proportion
  • Variation
  • Arithmetical Progression
  • Geometrical Progression
  • Harmonical Progression
  • Theorems Connected with The Progression
  • Scales of Notation
  • Surds & Imaginary Quantities
  • The Theory of Quadratic Equations
  • Miscellaneous Equations
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Binomial Theorem Positive Integral Index
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Any Index
  • Multinational Theorem
  • Logarithms, Exponential & Logarithmic Series
  • Interest & Annuities
  • Inequalities, Limiting Values & Vanishing Fractions
  • Convergency&Divergency of Series
  • Undetermined Coefficients
  • Partial Fractions
  • Recurring Series
  • Continued Fractions
  • Recurring Series
  • Continued Fractions
  • Indeterminate Equations of the First Degree
  • Recurring Continued Fractions
  • Indeterminate Equations of the Second Degree
  • Summation of Series
  • Theory of Numbers
  • The General Theory of Continued Fractions
  • Probability
  • Determinants
  • Miscellaneous Theorems & Examples and Theory of Equations

The first few chapters in the book contain a fuller discussion of Ratio, Proportions, Variation and the Progressions.

Theoretical explanation of the concepts in points has been provided at the beginning of each chapter. At the end of each chapter, unsolved practice exercises have been provided to help aspirants revise the concepts discussed in the chapter. At the end of the chapters study, miscellaneous examples have also been given along with answers and solutions to the unsolved examples covered in each chapter. All the relevant theorems covered under the syllabi of Higher Algebra have also been covered in the detail in this book.

As the book covers the whole syllabi of Higher Algebra in detail along with an ample number of solved examples, it for sure will help the students perfect the varied concepts covered under the Higher Algebra section.

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